Fuga Home Designs is a turnkey construction company with Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Architects, Engineers, Home Inspectors, and Property Management Group for international clients. We build new home and commercial units and help foreigners buy the land, build the property and rent it out. Fuga Home Designs has it's own in-house legal department which helps to expedite services and assist clients in the complicated process. We take the worry out of buying and building in Costa Rica. If you got questions, we got answers. We are headquartered in San Jose, Costa Rica and serve the entire country.




Fuga Home Designs is a full service turn-key, design, development, construction company with a full service property management, investors group and in house legal team. We cater to clients all over the world with our trusted, professional and efficient management team.



You will have a lot of questions, so we will discuss the process from start to finish. Design, location, land options, lot size, property characteristics, surrounding  agriculture, amenities, rental opportunities, budget, and everything else under the sun.

We will prepare cost projections based on your concept and desired needs and provide payment structure plan.

Depending on the size and location of the project, we will finalize the design and submit drawings to CFIA, City Hall, and INS and provide a contract.

Each region of the country can vary case to case. But it is approximately 2-3 months to obtain your permits.

After approval you will be given a clear documented breakdown of cost and timeline.


This is the exciting part. ceremonial ground breaking. client is always encouraged to be there for this magical moment.

You will get monthly updates on what phase we are at. Depending on the size of the project you will see our team at work and provide monthly photos and video.

Construction will work around the clock weather pending, you will continue to get monthly photos and videos and client is always encouraged to stop by and see progress.

Client get the keys comes to see their dream home and we all cry. As the construction nears its end we will schedule an on-site inspection where we walk through your home and create a final checklist.


We will visit the project depending on the size and typography a minimum of 3 times in the next 12 months. This is to see if any fixes or additional work need to be done so that you are 100% satisfied.




From design, to development Fuga Home Designs ™ uses permaculture as approach to land management and settlement design that adopts arrangements observed in flourishing natural ecosystems. It includes a set of design principles derived using whole-systems thinking. Fuga Home Designs ™ is committed to creating sustainable housing with it’s vendors and clients. We are dedicated to having the least possible negative impact on our environment. This means energy efficiency, avoiding environmental toxins, and using materials and resources in a responsible manner while having a positive physical and psychological impact on its inhabitants. What we build matters, and so does how we build it. Building with sustainability in mind should be standard for a 21st century home. Building sustainable homes not only saves you money in the long run, but also reduces your impact on the environment. Fuga Home Design ™ is focused on striving to meet our 16 Point Sustainability Mission which is of the following. We encourage our clients and vendors to being committed to preserving mother nature.

15 Point Sustainability Measures

Local Material

Recycled Material

Air Sealing

Window and Door Selection

Sustainable Materials

Energy Efficient Appliances

Led Lighting

Recycle Energy

Rain Water Collection

Solar Power




Fuga Home Designs is not your typical construction company. Our mission as a company is to make a significant impact on our communities where build in. We are dedicated to being working with our clients, vendors, landlords, and government officials. Fuga Home Designs donates money or resources of every build into one of 4 sectors in the community of the development.


Schools | Hospitals | Shelters | Youth Sporting Teams

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