Almost everyone we meet has a different idea of what ‘Costa Rica Property Management’ means and what it should cost. Therefore, we always provide Property Management bids in writing and without confusion. Fuga Home Designs will not just design and build your house we can manage it to. You might as well get the people who built it to protect it. We believe in giving homeowners PEACE OF MIND as trained licensed and insured professionals it’s our duty to make sure your home is protected and taken care of.


Customized Property Management Solutions

Our team understands that many homeowners in the area live over 1,000 miles from Costa Rica, and long-distance ownership can be very stressful.


Property Management Program

Below is a list of the Property Management services we currently offer. We can bundle services together to offer reduced pricing. Let us work with you to design a service package customized to suit your needs. Depending on which program you select, we will:

  • Weekly property inspections (with All Services option).

  • Full-service Vacation Home Service

  • Concierge services for rental clients

  • Landscaping and yard maintenance services

  • Swimming pool cleaning services

  • Coordinating and supervising any pool or home repairs

  • Home cleaning

  • Payment of monthly utility bills

  • Payment of property taxes

  • Bookkeeping

  • Monthly photos of the property

  • Repairs/Handyman Services

  • Vendor Management*

Outsourcing to specialists and trades as needed, with advance notification to the owner; for example, referring water pump issues to experts for repair

Fuga Home Designs Property Management