Award winning and master architect Bernal Astorga is one of the premier architects and developers in Costa Rica. Born with the gift of design, creativity, technical focus and construction savvy Bernal is viewed as elite amongst his peers. He is in the top 1% of architects in the country. He has participated three times in the Costa Rica Bienal International Architect Competition finishing in the top 10 and has authored several articles in the largest most successful architectural magazines such as Revista Habitat and International Revista Enter Rayas. Bernal is the Co-Founder of Fuga Home Designs and is the active COO.

His skill and knowledge of design and architecture is famously known. He has been entrusted on multiple occasions from the Costa Rica government to skillfully restore some of Costa Rica most precious historical buildings.As the story would go, construction runs deep in the blood lines. Bernal father was also a builder. Bernal has been in construction since he the age of 15. He is widely considered an elite architect with exceptional builds with residential and commercial properties. Mr. Astorga has built some of the most beautiful properties on the Costa Rican landscape. He periodically enjoys the drive on the Costa Rican coast to say hello to old clients. Speaking about driving - Bernal is a massive car enthusiast and loves anything to do with cars, one of his favorite pass time, is Formula 1 racing.

Not just a master of his industry, Bernal has tirelessly given his time, resources and money to charitable causes. He has provided his expertise to community and institutions that need urban planning and design. He has worked with kids from ages 2-6 years of age with the US Embassy. He has worked with the Caribbean coalition to help with economic and social development.

Clients immediately recognize Bernal’s passion and commitment to their project. He often knows sometimes people put their life savings on the line for his designs and constructions. This is not something he doesn’t take lightly. Although Bernal profession is building with his hands, his passion is building with his heart.



Brian Nugent is the Founder of Fuga Home Designs, Chairman, and CEO. He originates from Ontario, Canada and he secretly loves chocolate almonds and white macadamia cookies - but no one needs to know that. As a student of one of the top 20 business schools in the world, Schulich School of Business, Brian has learned from some of the best teachers on the planet about business.

Brian is a first round draft pick in pro football (2001 Calgary Stampeders, 9th pick overall) and the author of 3 books (Don’t Live Another Day Without Me, The Only Self Empowerment Book you Will Ever Need, The Day Dominator How to Dominate Your Day So You Can Dominate Your Life and The ABC’s of An Awesome ME). Brian looks for highly intelligent, worldly work ethic and people person when hiring. This cookie monster is no stranger to success, Brian has been hired over 700 times for speaking and consulting from medium to fortune 500 companies. He is the Chairman of Brian Nugent International (www.briannugent.ca) a modern-day company and was the active CEO of Pickering Fitness and Wellness Centre a full-service wellness organization. Often hired as a business coach, Brian actively travels conducting talks on business and life management. Brian has owned several companies from food, fashion, health centers, therapy clinics, spas, and wellness retreats. Brian operates and owns several properties ranging from condominiums, to residential and commercial units. He has been elected to several Condo and Commercial Boards holding leadership positions as President and Vice President and is an active real estate investor.

Mr. Nugent is contracted as a Chief People Officer for many businesses. Brian is passionate about his clients and works tirelessly for customer satisfaction - customer satisfaction is of his highest priority. He believes “people do not care about how much you know until you show how much you care”. This was one of the profound lessons Brian learned in 2009 while in Kenya for 3 months building schools and hospitals for the homeless and disadvantaged. Someone once said “we have more but smile less, they have less but smile more”, isn’t that the truth.

Fuga Home Designs was created to build beautiful, dependable, and affordable homes. Its foundation is built on superior results and dedication from start to finish. Brian greatest achievement is being a loving husband and loving father to his family.



Besides being the mother of a pilot and a connoisseur of fashion and design, Gabriel Morales in no stranger to success. Gabriel’s career as a lawyer has spanned over 24 years, she is famous in her profession for tackling complicated cases with high success. She is regarded within the legal community as highly skilled, knowledgable and high degree of creative problem solving. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she is often the go to lawyer for complex legal matters. She is one of the the Co-founders of Fuga Home Designs and the active CFO.

Gabriel is a Member of the Bar Association from Costa Rica and is repeatedly hired in both the public and private sectors. Her advanced knowledge of the judicial system has made her a valuable asset for Fuga Home Designs

Fuga Home Design in-house legal team oversees but not limited to:


  • All Title Search & Due Diligence

  • Examining the records in the offices of the National Registry

  • Recorded documents

  • Any Judgments against land or property

  • Any liens against land or property

  • Any taxes against land or property

  • Easements

  • Water rights

  • Special taxes and other matters that could affect property ownership

  • Concessions

  • Corporations

  • Plano Catastro

  • Notices of any pending or threatened litigation or governmental action relating to 
the real estate or seller

  • Notices of any environmental conditions

  • Notices of any new or special assessments or taxes

  • and more

Gabriel Morales has held many prestigious positions over her decorative career ranging from but not limited to:

  • President of the Board of Education of the Santa Cruz Academic College

  • Board of Directors Bar Association

  • Filial Santa Cruz, Lawyer of the Commission of Typical National Festivals of Santa Cruz

  • Member of the Court of Doping Appeals

  • Anti-Doping Commission of Costa Rica.

Gabriel is an active volunteer and loves to give back to her community:

  • Volunteer of the Costa Rican Red Cross

  • Director of the Sports Association

  • Guanacastecan Women's Soccer

  • Assistant to the Mayor of the Municipality of Santa Cruz

Gabriel came to Fuga Home Designs because she wants to continue to make a difference in her community. 5% of net profits from the sale of any Fuga Home Design goes back into schools, hospitals, shelters and youth sporting teams. She makes an impact on her community and she is a proud mother of two beautiful kids.